• Majority of our infants (0-12 months) have special needs
  • Great need for foster parents who will care for teenagers
  • Sibling groups account for a large number of those in foster care
  • Significant percentage of children in out-of-County care indicates that we need more Anne Arundel County foster homes
  • Equal number of Caucasian and minority children

Trend impacting our need for foster parents:

What is the Need in Anne Arundel County?


Anne Arundel County has about 160 children at any given time who are in need of foster care placement or adoptive homes.  But there are far fewer foster or adoptive parents available to care for the children.

Our statistics document that the greatest need we now have is for foster homes/parents to care for teenagers, sibling groups, and medically-fragile infants.

As of June 2014, 161 children are under the care and custody of Anne Arundel County's Department of Social Services.  Almost 70 new children enter into foster care in the County each year.  About 11% of the total number of foster children in our care now have an adoption plan.

Of the 161 children in our care, nearly half are teenagers.  About 22% of new children entering foster care are under 12 months old, and of those, many are born drug exposed.

100% of our children have experienced some form of trauma. Although this trauma may manifest itself in unique ways for each child, even our youngest children will have been impacted.