Our mission is to keep our children in their communities, in their schools, near their friends, and close to their families... and minimize their emotional stress while their family is in crisis!

What is Foster/Adoptive Care?


Our children come from families that are in crisis, thus they need the consistency of a caring home until they can be reunited with their families, placed with relatives, or adopted. Your ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment is priceless to a child in need of stability and emotional safety.

Adoption is a legal, lifelong commitment to a child. About 90% of children adopted from the County's foster care system are adopted by their foster families.

What is foster parenting?

  • Caring for a child until the parents can resume responsibility or until a relative or adoptive family can be found

  • A commitment to helping a child through a difficult time

  • Emergency care for a month or less

  • Day-to-day care for a longer period

Types of foster care:

  • Respite Care for foster children for a short, specified period of time to provide relief to a family in crisis or to help support foster families who are in need of relief

  • Therapeutic Foster Care for foster children who are medically fragile; diagnosed with a severe emotional illness; developmentally disabled or handicapped; or at a high risk for, or currently in, an institutional placement

  • Restrictive Care for a specifically-identified foster child who already is in foster care; may be a relative, neighbor or a friend of the family

What is adoption?

  • Adoption is a legal, permanent, and life-long commitment to care for a child